Lithia Artisans 2014 Membership Drive

Lithia Artisans Membership Photo taken at our Annual Meeting at the Christmas Faire 2013.

Lithia Artisans Membership Photo taken at our Annual Meeting at the Christmas Faire 2013.

The Holidays are past us. We have all had time to hibernate, take advantage of a little down time and focus our intentions, harness our creative energy, and get ourselves ready for an excellent 2014 season at the Lithia Artisans Market. This is a call to action, a time to renew your membership, or if you are new to the market it is a time to get your products in order and ready yourselves to come on board and join the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland. No better place to show your wares than along Ashland Creek in the heart of Ashland, Oregon.

Membership Applications are updated for 2014 and can be found on the Membership Information page of this website (Click the link). Membership applications are due by May 1st and the yearly dues are $65. Applications submitted after May 1st will be assessed an additional $10 fee, or $75 total. All renewing members have to send in their applications by June 1st or face the prospect of having to re-jury your craft and go through the whole process again. The Jury Committee will start to have meetings for new members starting early in April. Those meetings are held in the conference rooms at the Ashland Public Library. When the meetings are scheduled, the dates will appear on the Membership Information Page of this website. Many of our new members in 2013 didn’t have the chance to sell in their first season. I encourage you all to rejoin and not let your membership lapse. Lots of great things are happening with the Artisans Market and I want all of you to be part of our growing family. Artists and artisans who have not yet joined us can contact Marcus, the manager, at 541 301-9811, or email, in order to schedule a Jury Meeting appointment.

The City of Ashland is working daily on the resurfacing of Calle Guanajuato and the plan is for the project to be completed by April 1st in time for our Spring opening. I have heard rumors that the completion might be as late as the first of May. When I know more I will send out the updated information. It is going to be exciting to have a newly paved, pedestrian friendly walk-way to call our marketing home.

The Board of Directors has met once and will meet again on Thursday, Feb. 20th at 5pm at the Talent Fire Station on Hwy. 99 in Talent. Anyone interested in what goes on at a board meeting is welcome to attend. The board elected new officers at the last meeting. Rose Gerstner is the new President, Mabrie Ormes is the recording Secretary, Pat Moore is the Treasurer, and the rest of the board consists of Jim Young, Dan Elster, Joshua Rodine, Kris Daly, and Holly Gonnella.

Again, please go to the Membership Information Page of this website and open the pdf or word document at the bottom of the page titled LAMA 2014 APPLICATION. Print it, fill it out, and send it in with your check for $65. If you are new call the manager, Marcus, at 541 301-9811. Thank You!

About LithiaArtisansMarket

We are a collective of artists, artisans, and musicians who gather along Ashland Creek during the sunny months of the year to sell our wares, dance to the sounds, and share in the abundance of life. Saturdays from 10:00am - 6:00pm and Sundays from 11:00am - 5:00pm, April 14th through November 15th. Two sets of live, original music each day. 40 local and regional artisans selling their unique creations.
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