Home Decor

Quilts and Crafts
Kris Daly

615 Talent Ave #1, Talent, OR

Quilts, pillows, cloth napkins, shopping bags, all in bright cheerful colors. All my pillow tops are quilted and have zippers. I love to play with fabrics, mixing patterns and colors.

Jan Rice

Jan’s Signs and Heartworks
Jan Rice
541 535-6555

Native Designs
Shelley Jillson

321 Clay St. Ashland, OR

I press flowers and leaves. When dry, they are placed between glass and soldered. I make them into nightlights, coasters, jewelry, mirrors and all sorts of amazing works of functional art for you to use and love every day!

Sunhouse Studio
Steven McLaren

112 Elm St., Medford, OR

All items I produce are made of re-cycled sheet copper and brass. I use an acetylene/oxygen torch to cut and assemble art pieces. All of the coloring is done with the torch, whether an art piece or jewelry. All items that I sell and design are hand made by me.

Wood in the Wind
Glenn Calascibetta

3090 Connell Ave , Medford, OR

Mobiles, sun catchers, and wind chimes made from hand finished Oregon driftwood, polished gemstones, and crystals. Carefully balanced to bring movement, light, energy, and color into any room.

Hilltop Creations
Li Harder
541 944-6762

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