Ahlaya Designs
Ahlaya Pace

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Alma Mia Jewelry
by Karina Mendoza-Wittke


Jewelry making became an integral part of my life at the age of 9. It has gone with me to all the places I have lived, the stages of my life as a girl, a woman, a mother… It has been an anchor and a pillar throughout my life. Exploring different mediums, techniques, I have traveled extensively, collecting beads, both new and old, which have become the core of my inspiration.

Diane Berry Glass
Diane Berry


Eggtooth Originals
Karen West

Fort Jones, CA

Handmade fine silver, gold, and bronze jewelry incorporates precious stones and pearls. My nature inspired pieces use natural textures in these precious metal clay designs. I’m a PMC certified instructor.

Leah Fairbanks, Glass Artist, Lithia Artisans Market

Leah Fairbanks
Gardens of Glass
541 488-0466

Holly Gonnella Jewelry
541 512-0161

Greensprings Silver & Gems
Arleta Lynn & Buck (William Garrett) Powell/Garrett

PO Box 3212, Ashland, OR
541-488-4804 cell 541 840-9719

Buck and Arleta Lynn are long time Treasure Hunters. They have made a business of what they most enjoy doing…finding, cutting, polishing and setting gemstones. Using Precious Metal Wire and an ancient Egyptian technique they create signature peaces which some clients treasure as Heirlooms.

Marcus Scott
The Stone Bead
P.O. Box 1351, Talent, OR

I hand cut stones into beads and pendants – using many found stones from Northern California and Southern Oregon. My jewelry is influenced by ancient cultures, particularly the Maya of Mexico

Marty Hogan Jewelry, Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland, Oregon

Marty Hogan
Marty Hogan Jewelry
541 201-0020

Beverly Reed


Dan Clark, Jeweler

Pine Tree Jewelry
Dan Clark

Sabines-Collings Contemporary Jewelry
Sabine and Dave Shran-Collings


Sabine has created a line of jewelry that is truly different. Described at times as contemporary with an ancient feel, modern/medieval, whimsical/sophisticated, perhaps capturing some of the paradox that makes life interesting. Using silver, gold and stones each piece is created to be as unique and as individual as the person who wears it.

Sierra Gwin Jewelry by Sierra Gwin


Sunhouse Studio
Steven McLaren

112 Elm St., Medford, OR

All items I produce are made of re-cycled sheet copper and brass. I use an acetylene/oxygen torch to cut and assemble art pieces. All of the coloring is done with the torch, whether an art piece or jewelry. All items that I sell and design are hand made by me.