Sunhouse Studio
Steven McLaren

112 Elm St., Medford, OR

All items I produce are made of re-cycled sheet copper and brass. I use an acetylene/oxygen torch to cut and assemble art pieces. All of the coloring is done with the torch, whether an art piece or jewelry. All items that I sell and design are hand made by me.

2 Responses to Metal

  1. James Waidler says:

    Beth and Gwen. Here I B on the Monterey Peninsula (since 2003) and wondering about the Life of Beth. B U still living in Ashland? Do U ever venture down 2 the S F Bay Area? Married or “in love” (good!)
    Please feel free to contact me at the Lodge at Pebble Beach (832) 625-8548 (James) or via cell. home (831) 899-2226
    Our daughter Alandea is now a healthy young lady and a college graduate. …always know you can visit and stay at our home anytime. Jyme and Insuk (27 + years in the making). “You are the person you wish to become”

    Sky Blue. (After the Great Willoughby)

  2. James Jyme says:

    Contact me as appropriate. A joyful adventure during the upcoming holidaze!! JamesJyme (831) 625-8548

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