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Jan RiceJan’s Signs and Heartworks
Jan Rice


Anna Bloomquist
Repurposed Vinyl Records
541 760-1665

Rainbow Rhythms and Art
Marta Quest
541 234-4383

In 1987 mARTa discovered her LOVE of drumming, and has been making Native American-style Hoop/Frame Drums and teaching Drum, Rattle, and Mask making for more than 27 years. So far, there are over 500 drums made by her or made in classes she has taught. Enjoying work with natural elements, she has expanded her repertoire of Native art by hand painting beautiful images on her Drums and custom Rawhide Rattles, as well as creating Leather Drum Cases, unique and carved Drum Sticks and Talking Sticks, and unusual Walking Sticks.

Quilts and Crafts (pillows, etc.)
Kristin Daly
615 Talent Ave #1, Talent, OR

Quilts, pillows, cloth napkins, shopping bags, all in bright cheerful colors. All my pillow tops are quilted and have zippers. I love to play with fabrics, mixing patterns and colors.

Bamboo Chutes (recycled parachutes)
Barbara Jaquat


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