September 16 and 17 at the Lithia Artisans Market

Cindy Fowler is a brand new weaver at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

Very cool! This upcoming weekend is one of our biggest markets of the season. 43 artists and fine craft folk will be showing their creations along Ashland Creek on Calle Guanajuato.

SAT 10-6 ~ SUN 11-5

Featured in the photo is a brand new member of the Lithia Artisans Market, Cindy Fowler. Cindy is a weaver who just made her way to the Rogue Valley, recently moving from Colorado. Her wall art weavings are unique, textural imagery that brighten up any space. Everything you find in her booth and throughout the artisans market is made by the people showing. No middle man, just art, the artist, live music, and the public. Coming together in community to share public space. It is a beautiful thing. Welcome Cindy to your local guild of artisans.

This weekend offers another jam-packed collection of unique art and craft along the creek. Hand forged metal jewelry, carved stones, blown glass, clothing, woodwork, fine art, body care products, photography, pottery, leather work, and so much more. Take a stroll through the Lithia Artisans Market and something magical is bound to catch your attention.

Jeffri Carrington is part of the duo “Accapellare”. Music without the accompany of instruments. Their voices combine beautifully.

Music Schedule

Saturday, Sept. 16

11:30-1:30     Accapellare

2:30-4:30     The Fretwell Family

Sunday, Sept. 17

12:00-2:00     Cole Cullen



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September 9 and 10 at Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland

Jim Young of The Hat People of Talent, Oregon is a long time member of the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

We are open and the market is bustling. 38 artisans strong heading into the upcoming weekend. The forecast is for continued cooler temperatures and somewhat smoky skies. We are a hearty bunch, but don’t forget to bring a facemask or bandana in case the smoke is an issue. If the smoke is extreme, the market may close early.

SAT 10-6 ~ SUN 11-5

Our prayers and good thoughts are with the firefighters battling the blazes on all fronts. We hope the conditions continue to improve and we get through this as soon as possible. As well, we are staying positive for the East Coast and Florida as they grapple with Hurricane Irma.  Continuing thoughts for all the folks left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. We are still moving through it and we just keep on showing up. Nature seems to be telling us something, I wonder if we are going to listen.

The photo above features our most veteran member of the Lithia Artisans Market. Jim Young and his wife Carol of the Hat People have been making and selling hats in the pacific northwest forever. Their hats are legendary in the art and craft circuit. They have had their hands full these days and have not had as much time to sell at our market as they usually do. We are grateful to have them on board again as we head into autumn, hat season. Jim is a community person to his core, always engaged in promoting the use of public space for the benefit of one and all. His philosophy is in line with the mission of the Lithia Artisans Market — creating viable venues for the local arts and crafts community. It is good for the local economy, it is good for the community. The benefit is mutual and widespread.

Join us this weekend for art, craft, and live music on Calle Guanajuato, behind the Ashland plaza, creekside.

NOTE: Hours of Operation and Music Schedule may vary depending on air quality due to the forest fires raging on all sides of our part of the world.

Hollis Peach, featuring Danny and Jacqui, will play for us at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland. Sunday from 12-3pm.

Music Schedule

Saturday, September 9

11:30-1:30     Rod Petrone

2:30-4:30     Jeff and Jeffri

Sunday, September 10

12:00-3:00     Hollis Peach

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September 2 and 3 at the Lithia Artisans Market

Erin Linton is a fine artist who has a unique style all her own. Happy she is back this weekend!

Smoky skies all around… yet, the show must go on. We are 31 artisans strong heading into the upcoming weekend. The forecasted weather is for high temperatures around 105 degrees on Saturday. If that forecast holds true, and we experience super high levels of smoke in the air, then we will close the market early on Saturday. We have the option to close at 2pm instead of our normal 6pm closing time. Management will assess the situation throughout the day on Saturday. Don’t be shocked if you find us packing down at 2pm.

Persistence is a virtue, or so it is said. That has truly been the key word for the outdoor market season this year. Stay the course, slow but steady, one foot in front of the other. Any of numerous cliches sums it up. The bottom line is that we continue to show up.

We hold good thoughts and prayers for our Texas brothers and sisters right now in their time of need. We also hold the same prayers for our own region inundated with fires on all sides. It is an interesting time to be alive, witnessing it all.

One place you can find community, beauty, and hope is at the local artisan market. We manage to keep on keepin’ on. I am ever grateful for this community of crafty artist type folk who continually amaze me with their spirited creations and their passion for what they do. Do what you love, the rest will fall into line.

We hope to see you all out and about this weekend. Here is the tentative music schedule. This may change due to the factor of air quality.

Bill Hahey on guitar with Matt Taylor on the flute. Live music at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

Music Schedule

Saturday, September 2

11:30-1:30     Daniel Sperry

2:30-4:30      Bill Hahey

Sunday, September 3

11:30-1:30     Accapellare


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August 26 and 27 at Lithia Artisans Market

Jeff Patterson makes pond yachts. Guaranteed to sail. See them in person at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

Despite the smoky skies, we are open for business at the Lithia Artisans Market. 42 artisans are signed up to show over the course of the weekend. Another all star lineup of great local artists and musicians will be gathering along Ashland Creek for the outdoor market. Every weekend until the end of October.

SAT 10-6 ~  SUN 11-5

I am really excited about our lineup of music this weekend and hope the smoke clears up so the show can go on. However, if the smoke becomes an issue, music may be cancelled. Very excited to have The Maybe Sometimes playing on Saturday, and The Brothers Reed returning to our stage on Sunday. Full music schedule below.

Featured in the photo above is a very crafty member of the Lithia Arts Guild, Jeff Patterson. Jeff fell in love with pond yachts when he was a kid. He still has the original pond sailboat he had as a boy. Pond boats are a big deal in many parts of Europe, but not so much here in the states. Slowly but surely he is changing that with his small business he calls Constellation Pond Yachts. These boats are really cool and guaranteed to sail. His construction and attention to details in these boats is something you have to see in person. Come by and Jeff will tell you all about them.

The Maybe Sometimes featuring Bekkah McAlvage and Sage Meadows. Live music at the Lithia Artisans Market.

Music Schedule

Saturday, August 26

11:30-1:30     Doug Warner

2:30-4:30     The Maybe Sometimes

Sunday, August 27

12:00-3:00     The Brothers Reed


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Eclipse Weekend at Lithia Artisans Market

Lucy DeFranco of Luce Knots is a weaver at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

It looks like a beautiful weekend to be out and about right before the cosmic event on Monday. 35 artists and crafts-folk will be presenting their creations along the creek in downtown Ashland, Oregon. If you are headed up the highway to witness the eclipse, be sure to stop by and see us at the market before heading further north. We have a great lineup of art, craft, and live music all weekend long.

SAT 10-6 SUN 11-5

Featured in the photo above is local weaver Lucy DeFranco. Lucy spins her own wool, dies the spun fiber, and weaves the finished yarn into wonderful textiles. Her attention to detail and quality is unsurpassed. She has been a member of the Lithia Artisans Market for quite awhile now, and we are honored to have her on board. Lucy is a truly authentic old school creator. She is often working while at the market. Be sure to swing by and say howdy and take home some of her awe-inspiring work.

Boulder Opal with an image resembling an eclipse. Cut by Marcus Scott.

Some of us have been inspired by the upcoming astrological phenomenon and we have been working in our shops finding the images that speak to us regarding this event. I am a stone bead and pendant maker. I try to bring out what is inherently within each stone. Sometimes relatively clear images come shining through. This week I have found numerous examples of scenes in stones that resemble some form of the archetypal image I have of an eclipse. Boulder opal seems to display that image more often than many other stones. I also have some banded red jasper material that creates eclipse or eye formations. Finding eyes, storms, universes, eclipses in a stone is something lapidary artists have done since ancient times. This week it came through loud and clear. Come by and check ’em out! Limited edition and pretty darned cool.

Open every Saturday from 10-6 and Sunday from 11-5 from now until the end of October. Located on Calle Guanajuato (Guanajuato Way), behind the plaza, along Ashland Creek in downtown Ashland, Oregon. Join Us!

Rod Petrone is a classical guitarist who plays regularly at the Lithia Artisans Market Ashland (LAMA).

Music Schedule

Saturday, August 19

11:30-1:30     Rod Petrone

2:30-4:30     Gene Burnett

Sunday, August 20

12:00-3:00     Hollis Peach

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August 12 and 13 at Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland

When the market is packed, our overflow space has been affectionately called “The Village”. The Market is so huge this weekend that “The Village” is open for business.

Another full market as many of our regulars return from shows out of the area. 42 art booths will be set up on Calle Guanajuato, along Ashland Creek this Saturday and Sunday.

SAT 10-6 SUN 11-5

You will find all sorts of cool, locally crafted, merchandise in the various artisan run market spaces where Lithia Park intersects with downtown. We have amazing live music lined up all weekend, dining along the creek, and a chance to meet the local artisans before or after taking in a play, strolling through the park, or just milling about the Ashland scene. The Lithia Artisans Market is a must see place to wander through and peruse the handcrafted wares.

I look at the list of artist and crafty folk coming to the market this weekend and I feel like I’m looking at an all-star lineup. This market is looking better than I have seen it in all my years at the market, 23 years and counting. Thanks to all of you veterans and promising newbies. You make my job as manager a pleasure.

A quick shout out to Erisy Watt. She and her band are passing through from Santa Barbara. Raised in Nashville, TN, music flows through her blood. With honey-sweet vocals and a soft hum that speaks to an older time, Erisy Watt has cultivated a sound of simplicity, a synthesis of soul and folk that is freshly her own. Often joined by stand-up bassist and vocalist, Rafaell Rozendo, and guitarist, Jeremy Ferrara, Watt delivers every sound, song, and story with joy and ease.  She and her band play Sunday afternoon from 2:30-4:30. See our full Music Schedule below. Follow links for music clips and more.

Erisy Watt is traveling through the region. We are lucky to have them for a set at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

Music Schedule

Saturday, August 12

11:30-1:30     Son Ravello

2:30-4:30     Jeff Stanley and Jeffri Carrington

Sunday, August 13

11:30-1:30     Cole Cullen

2:30-4:30     Erisy Watt


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August 5 and 6 at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland

Emily Smith is a leather artist from New Orleans who specializes in journals.

The month of August is starting out scorching hot. We are still running strong down at the market with 31 artisans signed up to show over the course of the two day event. This weekend you will find woodwork, leather journals, fine art, photography, handcrafted jewelry of all kinds, quilts, kinetic sculpture, handpainted signs, clothing, glass work, and much more.

SAT 10-6 & SUN 11-5

We are excited to announce the addition of two new artists showing for the first time this weekend. Cindy Valor is a weaver and new artist at the market. She hails from Colorado but has recently made southern Oregon her home. She will be showing Saturday this weekend. Additionally, we are pleased that a new potter has joined our membership. Jess Volk is a ceramics artist who specializes in slip casting and marbled clay. Her egg shaped planters are really cool. She will be showing Sunday. We are happy to have new, unique, artists to add to our ranks. Welcome!

Featured in the photo above is a traveling artist from New Orleans, Emily Smith. Emily is out here on the west coast making the rounds to many of the bigger festivals. She found Ashland and got stuck, like so many. She will be showing her leather art along the creek again this weekend. Her journals are really unique, well crafted, and one of a kind. She showed for the first time last weekend and made a big impression with her art. I strongly urge you to come by and check out her wares as she is only here for a very limited time. We are glad you came back for another weekend.

Doug Warner sings the blues at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

Music Schedule

Saturday, August 5

11:30-1:30     Accapellare

2:30-4:30     Doug Warner

Sunday, August 6

11:30-1:30     Jef Fretwell Family Band

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