Lithia Artisans Market Thanks the Firefighters on the Klamathon Fire

Rose Gerstner of Sympatico Clothing is a regular at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland, LAMA.

We at the Lithia Artisans Market wish to send out a heart felt thank you to all the firefighters who fought on the front lines of the Klamathon Fire over the course of the last week. We’ve seen the devastation brought by this unfortunate event, but we have also witnessed the brave, tireless, devoted work of the folks out there keeping us safe. Remarkable. We are very grateful. Things could have been much worse. Our hats are off to you!

This is Oregon Country Faire weekend so the Lithia Artisans Market is missing a few of our regular artisans. We still have a great group coming out this weekend despite the forecast heat. Get out early and visit before the afternoon scorcher. It is always cooler down by the creek. Remember artisan friends, bring plenty of water. Keep hydrated and you will be fine.


This weekend you will discover handcrafted jewelry, pottery,  clothing, sculpture, fine art, photography, woodwork, glass, stones, metal and more.  Hope to see many of you out and about on Calle Guanajuato down by the creek.

Music Schedule

Saturday, July 14

11:30-1:30     Son Ravello

2:30-4:30     Green Mountain Guild

Sunday, July 15

2:00-4:00     Cloud-Ship

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Thoughts and Prayers for Hornbrook and Beyond

Lisa Eldredge Pottery in the foreground, Dan Elster Photography in the back at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

We are all holding those affected by the Hornbrook Fire in our thoughts and prayers today. The Klamathon Fire is now well over 8000 acres and growing. The burnt and threatened areas are the homes of our friends and families. Many evacuees are living with friends here in Ashland and Talent. Pray that the firefighters are able to stop this fire. To our friends and neighbors, we are here for you.

The market will go on as planned this weekend. Not sure how the smoke will affect the conditions, but we will assess it as we go. Hopefully the 37 artists and crafty folk who are signed up will be out on Calle Guanajuato showing their creations. Might see a lot of folks out and about with masks over their faces. This fire seems early and eerie.

Bruce Kramer, Cutting Boards, Lithia Artisans Market Ashland (LAMA)

SATURDAY 10-6 and SUNDAY 11-5

While we think good thoughts for the firefighters on the front line, we still have to show up and do what we do. For the artisan that means coming to market and sharing what we make. Even in tough moments, we need to have familiar places and things that we do. It brings us comfort. Familiar places and faces. Community coming together.

Come out this weekend and meander along Calle Guanajuato and peruse the wares created by local hands.

Great live music, dining along the creek, and handcrafted goodness.

Gene Burnett is a local singer-songwriter who plays often at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).


Saturday, July 7

11:30-1:30    Gene Burnett

2:30-4:30     Brother Angus

Sunday, July 8

11:30-2:30     The Brothers Reed


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4th of July Weekend at Lithia Artisans Market

Leah Fairbanks, Glass Artist, is a regular at the Lithia Artisans Market Ashland (LAMA).

This weekend we pass from June into July and then Independence Day falls on Wednesday.

We are open…
Saturday 10-6
Sunday 11-5
and… Wednesday, 4th of July, 10-5

The artisans market is once again packed full with all kinds of locally crafted wares, live music, and creek-side dining. When you take the time to stroll through the weekend artisans market you get a chance to appreciate how creative the folks are who live here in the region.

Holly Gonnella creates cool jewelry and sells regularly at the  Lithia Artisans Market Ashland (LAMA).

45 artisans are signed up to show and sell their creations this upcoming weekend at the market. Woodwork, jewelry, clothing, fine art, leather, photography, body care products, and much more will be on display along Ashland Creek on Calle Guanajuato —  the magical alley way behind the plaza in downtown Ashland.

The artist shown in the image above is Leah Fairbanks. Her glass beads are truly miniature art pieces that you can adorn yourself with. She has been making glass beads for decades and her work speaks for itself. Come by and see Leah. She is a regular at the market, a wonderfully happy human, and truly gifted in her artform. You have to see her stuff up close to really appreciate the fine details.

The Brothers Reed play regularly at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA). It has been awhile. We’ve missed you, welcome back!

Music Schedule

Saturday, June 30

11:30-1:30     Bekkah McAlvage

2:30-4:30     Hollis Peach

Sunday, July 1 

11:30-2:30     The Brothers Reed


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Summer Arrives at Lithia Artisans Market

Katrina Meister is a local fine artist who shows regularly at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

Happy Solstice! Summer is upon us and it is getting hot. The outdoor season is in full swing as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival has opened the outdoor Elizabethan Theater. The little town of Ashland is bustling, and the Lithia Artisans Market is once again overflowing with artfully crafted wares made and sold by local hands.

The market will host 41 artisans over the course of the two day market. Between the creek-side dining, and the remarkable array of handmade art and craft on display, there will be no space left unused on Calle Guanajuato. This quaint walkway behind the downtown plaza makes for a memorable stroll as you meander through our open-air art and craft marketplace.

You will discover fine art, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, handmade clothing, photography, leather work, woodwork, blown glass, and much more. Whether you are a visitor to Ashland, or a local looking for a cool place to hang out this weekend, now is a great time to visit the market. Live music, creek-side dining, and local art and craft; there is always something new happening at the artisans market.

Accapellare is an a cappella duo featuring Zoe Laterreur and Jeffri Carrington. They play for us often at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland, LAMA.

Music Schedule

Saturday, June 23

11:30-1:30     Doug Warner

2:30-4:30     Hollis Peach

Sunday, June 24

11:00-1:00      Accapellare

2:30-4:30     The Harmony People

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Fathers Day Weekend at Lithia Artisans Market

Dennis Christlieb is a local woodworker who shows regularly at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.   The market is jam packed this weekend with 46 artisans showing over the course of the two days. All sorts of handcrafted goodness will be on display this weekend. We are open on Fathers Day.



Bring dad down to the market this weekend and check out what the local artisans have to offer. Men tend to love woodwork, seems almost universal. The market has some of the best. The images presented here are from three of our most active woodworking fathers.

Dennis Christlieb (above) is a cabinet maker turned artisan market member. He makes a very cool line of jewelry boxes that are also perfect for trinkets, precision tools, rock collections… you name it! These boxes appeal to men and women. See him in “The Village” (our larger booth space area in the City Parking Lot across the street from the opening to Lithia Park) this weekend and most weekends.

Larry Shinerock makes really cool cribbage boards made from local manzanita.

Larry Shinerock creates woodwork that lets the wood speak for itself. Just look at the curves in that cribbage board made of local manzanita (see the photo at the right). He finds the intrinsic beauty that already lies in each piece and brings that to life. His booth is located behind Sesame Restaurant on the building side of the walkway.

Bruce Kramer makes one item in multiple sizes and shapes and he does that task very well. Bruce and his cutting boards are a regulars most Saturdays at the market in the space up by Mix Sweetshop on the Main Street side of the market.

Great restaurants line the Calle Guanajuato walkway which is the weekend home of the artisans market. The setting of the weekend market is a picturesque place to grab lunch, listen to some live music, and visit with the local artisan community.

Thank you for purchasing locally crafted items. The best stuff is made right here in the State of Jefferson. See y’all out and about this weekend.

Bruce Kramer is a woodworker from Talent, Or. who sells his cutting boards at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

Music Schedule

Saturday, June 16

11:30-1:30     Rod Petrone

2:30-4:30     Son Ravello

Sunday, June 17

11:30-1:30     TBA


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June 9 and 10 at Lithia Artisans Market

Dan Clark is a silversmith, jeweler, and long time member of the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

The weather forecast looks iffy for Saturday, but we still have at least 35 artisans hoping the predictions are wrong. Sunday’s weather looks great and even more folks are signed up for that day. Another full market.

This week is the official beginning of the outdoor season at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival. The Feast of Will is happening tonight in Lithia Park. From this weekend forward we are in the thick of the outdoor season. It is a great time to come out and meet the artisans at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland.


Dan Clark creates classic pendants in the bezel mount style.

The artisans market wishes to give a special shout out to two members of the market who are volunteers extraordinaire. Dan Clark of Pine Tree Jewelry (featured in the photo above) and Jim Young of the Hat People both helped me, your humble market manager, get the shade cloth up in the alley of the Guanajuato mural. It makes the job a lot easier with a few professionals in the mix. Thank you gentlemen for the help. The Calle is 10 degrees cooler in the shade.

As of the writing of this blog we still have 41 artisans signed up to participate over the course of the weekend. One thing you can never predict with 100% certainty is the weather. Let’s think sunny thoughts and make due with whatever the weather decides to throw at us.

Handcrafted items made by local hands is what you will find every weekend along Ashland Creek on Calle Guanajuato. Join us in supporting local art.

Hollis Peach featuring Jacqui and Danny sing all original tunes at the Lithia Artisans Market Ashland (LAMA).

Music Schedule

Saturday, June 9

11:30-1:30     Hollis Peach

2:30-4:30     Blades of Grass

Sunday, June 10

11:30-1:30     To Be Announced



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June 2 and 3 at Lithia Artisans Market

Amy Godard is a local print artist, farmer, folk artist, and herbal body care specialist. A renaissance woman at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA).

Summer is just around the corner, it’s heating up this weekend. 44 total artists and crafty folk are showing over the course of this upcoming weekend. They’re forecasting upper 80’s for high temperatures this Saturday. Just across the walking bridge from the market is access to the creek to dip your feet in the water. There are a myriad of great reasons to come down to the market this weekend and peruse the wares.

SATURDAY 10-6  &  SUNDAY 11-5

The artist featured in the image above is folk artist Amy Godard. Amy wears many hats. She and her husband Eric run Upper Rogue Organic Farm. While he sells berries and spinach at the Farmers Market, she sells her art and craft at the Artisans Market. Amy makes block prints in limited editions. She also concocts herbal salves that help us heal, and makes puppets and ocarinas.  She always makes a positive statement while touching on slightly political themes. I always feel more connected to Mother Earth after I spend a little time with her art. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden lately and her art seems to inspire. Thanks Amy. Come see what she and 43 other artists have to offer this weekend at the Lithia Artisans Market.

This weekend you will find all sorts of well crafted, locally made items. Hand-cut stone jewelry, woodwork, leather work, clothing, fine art, photography, hand-made body care products, hats, sculpture, and much more await the market enthusiast. Meet the artist, listen to live music, eat at one of many restaurants along the alleyway, all the while supporting local.

Jeffri Carrington of the duo Accapellare sings for us regularly at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland (LAMA). Sunday 11:30-1:30.

Music Schedule

Saturday, June 2

11:30-1:30     Daniel Sperry

2:30-4:30     Like Minded

Sunday, June 3

11:30-1:30     Accapellare

2:30-4:30     Green Mountain Guild


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